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S2C 2019

What happened for S2C 2018 was the same for S2C 2019 (14th – 15th Sept), namely:

I took approximately 1,200 images therefore if you know I took an image of you, but can't find it, please let me know by using the contact link and I'll track it down.

On Saturday I went from the Granary to Gt Cornard Lock and then to the sluice at Lamarsh. I then went to Bures Hamlet, Essex and then back tracked to Gt Henney. I was surprised how many were still there so I decided to stay put and then drive to Bures St Mary, Suffolk (where we had our lunch). Due to time constraints I didn't go to Pitmire, which was one place that I would have put on the waders. I could say that the next day I did stand in the river, yet I guess the lack of water at Nayland doesn't, from your point of view, count.

The locations are shown below:

Photographic Media and Prices

The table below shows the prices for those living in the UK (free postage). For any purchase made I'll donate 20%, of said price, to the River Stour Trust.

The photographs will be printed onto PermaJet's Ultra Pearl and they state that the paper is 295gsm, has a super ultra pearl finish, a high water resistance together with being scratch resistant and anti-scruff properties.

I'm equally the owner of ALB-Framing therefore any photograph purchased will be supplied with a white mountboard, which will be to the standards of Fine Art Trade Guild's Converstation level. If you want me to frame the photograph, I would be more than happy to do so with an addditional fee 20% of which will be donated to the Trust.

UK Only

Size1 Print2+ Prints
7" x 5"£15£7.50

To clarify the '2+ Prints' column, suppose you wish to purchase three A3 images (unframed, though have the white mountboard). Regardless of the locations, the price is the same and is £80. If though the size of prints are different, e.g. one A3, one A4 and one 7" x 5", then the calculations are £40 + £12.50 + £7.50 = £60.

If you wish to purchase one or more images, please contact me and mention the image or images. In addition please let me know the print sizes and your address. In my reply I'll attach an invoice, which will state the price plus the payment methods.

If you would like more information, e.g. the thought of me framing it, price of those living outside the UK, etc, please contact me.

S2C 2019 Links

14th Sep

The Granary - Gt Cornard Lock - Gt Henny - Lamarsh - Bures - Wormingford (Mill Hill's bridge) - Wissington

15th Sep

Nayland - Boxted Mill - Langham Flume - Stratford St Mary (incl Roger Brown Lock) - Flatford (incl the Lock) - Cattawade

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