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Artist's Statement

In July 1999, I was assaulted and the hard hitting punch forced my head to land heavily on the concrete pavement. I was taken to hospital and, whilst still in a coma, I underwent two brain operations with the first being to remove a haematoma (collection of blood). The second operation was to remove some dead brain cells, a partial lobotomy in my left frontal-lobe.

The coma lasted for several days and that was followed by several days of post-traumatic amnesia. Once fully awake, further tests were taken and this showed significant problems. The main areas were, and still are, my language skills (reading, writing and speech), certain parts of my memory and other cognitive problems.

Due to my experience of these problems, I chose to look into the realms of showing loss of memory by corrupting the photographic image. Fragmented and distorted, my work is an attempt to visualise the complex notion of memory and its loss.

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