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In House Studio

My 'In House Studio' provides a service tailored to your needs.  Let me turn your cherished memories into treasured photographs. 

The services shown below is a general guide, therefore if it doesn't show what you had in mind, please contact me so that we can discuss it.



A completed frame comprises of the print, moulding, mount, picture glass and required frame fittings.

The frame mouldings are available in a vast array of materials, shapes and colours. 

There are various coloured and textured mounts.  By combining the mouldings and window mounts, this can draw further attention to your photograph.

A single window mount can have multiple apertures and this means that more than one picture can be seen in the completed frame.  In another example, more than one window mount can be used and each can have a different colour.  Those nearer to the glass will have a wider aperture and this can allow the completed frame to have an alternative feel.

N.B. There are concerns that harmful acids can cause damage to artwork.  To alleviate this, all mounts are buffered with the correct substance. 

If the window mount is not required, a gap between the glass and print is advisable.  Without it, the print may well stick to the glass and cause future difficulties.  Again, please contact me if you have any questions. 

There are various types of picture glass.  Float glass is standard.  Diffused glass is acid etched to give a non-glare.  In order to significantly reduce light reflection and virtually block ultra-violet, I suggest Anti-Reflective Ultra-Violet (AR UV) would be ideal, yet price would be higher. The following picture shows how these different glasses react.  Float glass is seen on the left-hand side, diffused glass on the right and AR UV in the middle:

This page would be too lengthy if a complete price list is shown, therefore the table below shows an example.  In this example, the moulding is 1¼" (circa 3cm) flat grained black wood.  To show you the difference, both float glass and AR UV are included.  The size of the photographic paper, printed by me, is based on the 'A series' and the aperture of the single window mount is in keeping with the work.  The backing board is 2mm MDF and is stapled to the mouldings.  To make sure that no small insects creep through the gap, that is between the back of the mouldings and the backing board, masking tape is used:

Size Glass £
A0 AR UV 325
A0 Float 165
A1 AR UV 175
A1 Float 85
A2 AR UV 105
A2 Float 60
A3 AR UV 75
A3 Float 45
A4 AR UV 55
A4 Float 35

Framed, Block Mounts:

As an alternative style of finish, your photographic print will be protected with a durable laminate prior to mounting onto a 9mm edged block ready for framing.  The frame is made with a high grade heavy weight wood.  The colours of the finish can be variable and this is an example of a matt black finish:

Can't Remember! - #50

Size £
A0 135
A1 90
A2 65
A3 50
A4 35

Acrylic Mounts:

The free standing acrylic mount can be placed on shelves, mantelpieces and tables.  The minimalist view creates vibrancy and a 3D appearance. 

Size £
10" x 8" 40
8" x 6" 35
7" x 5" 30

Digital Scanning, Retouching and Printing

Scanning and Retouching:

If you require further copies of your original print, then through scanning I will save it as a high resolution image.  If it needs retouching, in agreement with you, I will use the relevant software program.  The cost of printing will not be increased by this service. 

A similar service is offered for films and is discussed in the relevant section of this page. 


Unless otherwise stated, the paper used will be PermaJet's "Ultra Pearl".  Alternative papers are available; however this might increase the price.  The basic sizes are those listed.  If the picture size you require is in between those listed, please use the next highest price. 

Size Measurements in mm and circa inches £
A0 1189 x 841mm - 46⅞" x 33⅛" 40
A1 841 x 594mm - 33⅛" x 23¼" 30
A2 594 x 420mm - 23¼" x 16½" 20
A3 420 x 297mm - 16½" x 11¾" 10
A4 297 x 210mm - 11¾" x 8¼" 5
7" x 5" 177 x 128mm - 7" x 5" 3

It is understood that printers, even identical models can produce different colour results, however if a sample is supplied I will attempt to colour match. 

Film Processing and Printing

Black & White Film Developing

I am able to develop most traditional 35mm, medium format (120/220) and large format B&W films and certain infra-red films.  This excludes films such as "Ilford XP2 Super".  If you are in any doubt, please contact me

If you wish me to just develop the film, with no printing, the table shows the price:

Film Exposures £
35mm 24 or 36 5
120 Up to 15 5
220 Up to 30 5
Large Format 1 5

Sometimes films have more exposures than stated on the cartridge; therefore the benefit for you is that I will not charge you higher than expected. 

Black & White Printing

You have two choices for printing:

Chemical print: Printed onto chemically treated photographic paper.  The price below does include the film developing as well as the printing. 

Film Exposures Print Size £
35mm 24 7" x 5" 12
35mm 36 7" x 5" 14
120 15 7" x 5" 12
220 30 7" x 5" 15
Large Format 1 10" x 8" 4

Digital print: The negatives would be digitally scanned (currently I am unable to scan Large Format negatives), prior to printing, the high resolution images will be saved onto a CD.  The CD will be sent to you giving you the opportunity to select the images you require printing. 

The price is based on two separate parts with the first being the development, scanning and providing you with the CD: 

Film Exposures/High Res CD £
35mm 24 or 36 7
120 Up to 15 7
220 Up to 30 7

The second part of this price list refers to the digital printing and this, also shown above in Digital Printing, is: 

Size Measurements in mm and circa inches £
A0 1189 x 841mm - 46⅞" x 33⅛" 40
A1 841 x 594mm - 33⅛" x 23¼" 30
A2 594 x 420mm - 23¼" x 16½" 20
A3 420 x 297mm - 16½" x 11¾" 10
A4 297 x 210mm - 11¾" x 8¼" 5
7" x 5" 177 x 128mm - 7" x 5" 3

Additional Information

The prices shown above do include postage and packaging.  Payment can be through PayPal and details will be supplied.  If any further information is required, please contact me

Associate of the Royal Photograhic Society Fine Art Trade Guild


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