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Essex Village and Town Signs

The Essex flag shows the three Saxon seaxes and the county's motto is Many Minds, One Heart. To explain further the map, Chelmsford is the county town (the phrase still exists, yet in 2012 it became a city and is the only one in Essex). Essex is surrounded by Suffolk, Greater London, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. Kent is across the Thames estuary and that river runs into the North Sea. With regard to the border and Greater London, in 1965 the border was altered and what was classed as being part of Essex then became part of Greater London. Even though that is the case many people, living in those London Boroughs, do class themselves as coming from Essex.

I am afraid I have not yet completed the locations in Essex; however there are some to see and below is a list of the first letters of them.

Locations' First Letter

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