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Village and Town Signs

In the summer of 2011 I travelled to the villages and towns that are in Suffolk and took photographs of their respective signs. To the best of my knowledge I did take all of them; however when searching for them it can become tricky to see them and adding to that, since 2011 some locations may have added a sign, e.g. Bradfield Combust. If you are aware of any that are not shown, please let me know. As to other counties, when I am passing through and if I have time I will stop the car and take an image of the sign. I am showing those from Essex and Northamptonshire, though respectively there are only sixty and four; however in the spring 2018 those in Essex should increase.

Like any project one learns more when going through the process and an example would be the sign for Copdock and Washbrook. The two names do equate to the two Suffolk villages; however put together it becomes a parish that not only includes them, yet too the nearby hamlets.

The signs do have an artistic take on the location and Silverstone is a prime example (the village is less than a mile from the race circuit, which itself is almost half in Northants and the other is in Bucks). Some signs do have different years, 1977 relating to Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee and 2000 for the start of this Millennium. One thing to note is that given the age that some have stood does mean that weathering has had an effect on some of the signs; it is a shame but better to stand in place that not be displayed.




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